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The Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM):

Best practice education, support, training, and service for government, philanthropic and corporate grantmakers, including Australia's most-used online grants management solution, SmartyGrants.

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"This is a terrific way to do assessments and totally worth the investment. Makes the whole process much more streamlined and much easier."

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We've launched a series of groundbreaking data initiatives, including providing grantmakers and not-for-profit organisations access to our shared taxonomy to help them systematically describe themselves and their initiatives.


Now's the time to join the best practice network for government, philanthropic and corporate grantmakerss

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Upcoming Training
The AIGM has been facilitating grantmaking networking, events and training for more than a decade.

These include our annual Grantmaking in Australia Conference, as well as Grantmaking Musters and other training opportunities

All training is delivered by experienced, engaging and knowledgeable practitioners, and has been road-tested in the field to guarantee its relevance at the coalface.

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Hot topics for grantmakers: Increase your impact

Want to improve your grantmaking? Then don't miss the June 2017 edition of Grants Management Intelligence.  We draw on "hot spot" debates from our annual conference to examine the biggest issues for the sector, including feedback, final reports, incomplete applications, core funding, data, and pre-application briefings. Don't miss out.

Ten things grantmakers must do now

The new Grants in Australia survey reveals plenty of things you can do right now to improve your grants process.

Why you should fund core costs

At the Grantmaking in Australia 2017 conference, a hot-spot talk about core funding highlighted the lack of agreement about standards, or even what should be included in core costs.

How the Army is turning grants defeat into victory

IN every survey we've ever done, grantseekers have said the most annoying thing about applications is a lack of, or poor, feedback from grantmakers.

Outside your comfort zone: How community groups can drive change and increase their impact

Holly Ransom might be young, but she's led change in the corporate, not-for-profit and government worlds. Where others see barriers, Holly sees opportunity and shares her insights about transforming community organisations in a rapidly changing world.