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The Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM):

Best practice education, support, training, and service for government, philanthropic and corporate grantmakers, including Australia's most-used online grants management solution, SmartyGrants.

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The AIGM has released its latest Grants in Australia Survey Report, Australia's largest survey of grantseeker attitudes and behaviour.

It contains invaluable insights for funders and grantmakers, and can be downloaded for free.


The AIGM has launched The Story So Far - a major research report looking at trends in grantmaking as uncovered through Grants in Australia surveys between 2006 and 2013/14.

For a summary of the research, as well as a link to the full report, click here.


The AIGM recently spoke with J McCray from the US-based Grantmakers for Effective Organisations on why grantmakers must properly fund operational costs - and how they can do so.

Read the full interview here.

Upcoming Training
The AIGM has been facilitating grantmaking networking, events and training for more than a decade.

These include our annual Grantmaking in Australia Conference (the most recent of which was staged on March 3 and 4), as well as Grantmaking Musters and other training opportunities

All training is delivered by experienced, engaging and knowledgeable practitioners, and has been road-tested in the field to guarantee its relevance at the coalface.

Keep an eye on our Events and Training Page for details.





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Grantmaking News
San Francisco Foundation announces first grants under new funding agenda

The San Francisco Foundation has announces its first set of grants following a change in focus announced in June

"Indirect costs are legitimate costs" - GEO urges proper funding of groups' operational costs

Communication, education and understanding are key for grantmakers properly funding grantees' indirect costs.

Grantmaking news worth a read

A couple of worthwhile grantmaking-related reads out of the US

UK Cabinet Office cleared over Kids Company grants.

The head of the UK's National Audit Office has cleared the Cabinet Office of acting inappropriately in awarding grants to collapsed charity Kids Company

AIGM Information and Grants Reform Agenda unveiled
13 Jul 2016

AIGM releases its 2016-17 Grants Reform Agenda, providing a summary of our past milestones as well as a glimpse into the future - including the continued roll-out of CLASSIE.

More new help sheets at the AIGM website
by Chris Riches - 08 Jul 2016

Around 20 new help sheets have arrived on the AIGM website, including a special series of resources drawn from the 2016 Grantmaking in Australia Conference

Worth a read on the web
12 May 2016

A couple of great little grantmaking reads from the US, including some good news for a past Grantmaking in Australia Conference presenter

200 resources ... and then some more!
11 May 2016

New resources have arrived, while GMI and important reports are on their way!

QUT opens grantmaking survey
06 Apr 2016

QUT's Giving Australia survey has opened, with philanthropists and philanthropic grantmakers invited to take part.

Eighteen new help sheets available on AIGM website
30 Mar 2016

Another batch of help sheets join the AIGM's ever-expanding knowledge base of tools and resources

AIGM Wire - Worth a read on the web
29 Mar 2016

Three new grantmaking and philanthropy-related articles worth reading.

New resources now available at the AIGM website
by Chris Riches - 07 Mar 2016

New helpsheets have appeared on the AIGM website in recent weeks - with more soon to come.

AIGM Wire - GMI reveals the key findings from the 2015 Grants in Australia Survey
02 Mar 2016

Key findings from the 2015 Grants in Australia Survey have been revealed in the latest Grants Management Intelligence.

Local Government Tribal Gathering 2016: Session in Focus - Alternatives to Councillor Discretionary Grants
18 Feb 2016

Alternatives to Councillor Discretionary Grants - or "ward funds" - will be the focus of a panel session at the 2016 Tribal Gathering for Local Government Grantmakers.