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Grantmaker Muster

Are you a Grantmaker?

Do you believe you can improve your grantmaking?

Could you learn, network and share your ideas and thoughts with other grantmakers?

If your answer is "Yes", you need to get yourself along to a grantmaker muster!

The AIGM's Grantmaker Muster series is designed to bring together grantmakers managing programs of all sizes and types for an informal networking and idea-sharing event. This is a great opportunity to learn about what's hot and happening in the grants world, share in a 'brag and steal' session, and meet your colleagues ... all while enjoying a drink and nibbles.

Our first Grantmakers Muster of 2019 in Adelaide will focus on:

  • The Big Picture: What SmartyGrants data is telling us about grantmaking
  • Grants Outcomes: Why is this difficult? What we are doing about it at the AIGM. We want to hear about what you might be doing or what would work for you!
  • Who's who? Briefly, where is everyone from and what programs are being run by those attending
  • How to get involved in a SmartyGrants user and networking groups for SA
  • Open mic session - brag and steal
  • A light lunch and refreshments will also be provided
  • Informal networking - plenty of time for gabbing

Who: Local, state and federal government grantmakers, philanthropic, corporate and community foundations, and anyone involved in giving out grants.

Cost: Free for AIGM members and SmartyGrants users, $30 for others.

ADELAIDE Muster Details:
When: Thursday, 21 February 2019, 9.30am - 1.00pm (with a light lunch from noon, plus refreshments)
Venue: The Science Exchange (Boardroom)- 55 Exchange Pl, Adelaide SA 5000,

Register today

Not in South Australia? We're looking at programming future Grantmaker Musters in other areas - Stay tuned!

Next Practice Grantmaking Training

We deliver a range of scheduled and tailored training courses to grantmakers of all sizes and types.

See our list of workshops, dates and opportunities listed below.

SmartyGrants Training

SmartyGrants is the Australian Institute of Grants Management's cloud software solution, developed to meet the specific needs of Australian and New Zealand grantmakers, both big and small. More than 300 organisations are already using SmartyGrants to revolutionise their grantmaking.

We provide a range of training options for SmartyGrants users. To find out more, visit the training section of the SmartyGrants website.

Training for Grantseekers

The Australian Institute of Grants Management is a division of Our Community, which has been providing training and services for grantseekers for more than 15 years.

We provide scheduled grantseeking, fundraising and governance training across the country.

We can also provide tailored grantseeking, fundraising and governance training for your grantseekers - we come to you.

Contact us to find out more:
email: or phone: (03) 9320 6800

Our Grantmaking Training Team

Jodie Shanks

Jodie heads up the AIGM's service and training team, where she focuses on continual improvement of our interactions with clients and colleagues. Previously, Jodie worked in a variety of different roles from marketing and communications to membership to bank analyst to tour guide. Most recently, Jodie was immersed in the grantmaking world whilst working within the Research and Planning area at beyondblue. Jodie has a Diploma in Business Management, train-the-trainer qualifications and is currently completing a Bachelor of Business (Information Systems).

Gina Cirillo

Gina Cirillo

Gina is Our Community's principal SmartyGrants trainer, a role that takes her across Australia and New Zealand helping grantmakers make the most out of our online grants management system. Gina's varied work history includes stints as a Melbourne Zoo guide, a call centre operator, a GIS mapper, reconciliation manager, human resources coordinator and occupational health and safety trainer.

Patrick Moriarty

Patrick Moriarty

In his position as director of training and development at Our Community, Patrick has led the development of the organisation’s training arm and the establishment of the Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA). He has particular expertise in the travails of local government and the challenges of local government grantmaking.

Beatrix Neville

Beatrix Neville

Beatrix Neville is the newest member of our support and training team at SmartyGrants, a role taking take her across Australia and New Zealand to helping grantmakers make the most of our system. Beatrix has qualifications in international development and ecological management, prior to joining us she put her skills to good use as a project officer with social enterprise Pollinate Energy, which supplies solar powered products while creating jobs in the slums of India.


2018 Conference: Prepare for Impact

Melbourne: August 23-24
Change is coming, and it doesn't have an 'abort' button. If you haven't yet started thinking about the impact of your grants, it's time to consider your launch options.

  • "Best ever - very relevant to our work. Quite meaty, leaving us with much to think about and some immediate actions to improve our grantmaking."
    "I had three people attend your recent grantmaking conference in Melbourne and they all came back with glowing reports and said they got a lot out of it. It is nice to see the sessions you set up a hitting the mark."
    "The conference was exceptionally well run, the feel was genuine and dynamic.  The venue was exceptional."
  • "I have found this conference very inspiring. I want to thank you for an amazing learning experience, where I gained heaps of tools I will now apply in my grantmaking process."
    "Energy great and sends us all off with ideas and positive hope of achievement."
  • "Probably the best conference in any sector I've been to ever. Professional, practical, interactive, good venue and well catered."
    "Thoroughly enjoyed the conference. Thank you. Very informative and enjoyable. Lots of relevant information, inspiration and ideas. Good venue also."
  • "Fantastic, this conference has provided a 'light bulb' of so many ideas."
    "Great conference - really enjoyed it. Well thought out, diverse guest speakers."
  • "A very good conference, a lot of energy, passion and great ideas.  Very well organised, great food."
    "What was the most enjoyable was the speakers not being politically correct, polite or subtle. The humour and challenges were refreshing."
Tailored training for your grantseekers

Do your grantseekers need some help? Let us design a package of training for you. We come to you!

SmartyGrants Training

New training dates released for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. Book Now