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Hot topics for grantmakers: Increase your impact

Want to improve your grantmaking? Then don't miss the June 2017 of Grants Management Intelligence

Members: download it now. | Friends: Click here to read more about GMI.

The Grants in Australia 2017 survey of nearly 1300 grantseekers across the nation is just weeks from release, but in a sneak preview for AIGM members, we have distilled the top ten actions grantmakers should take now.

If you'd like to be among the first to receive this wholly-revised research study, tell us now. Otherwise, keep an eye for the release in coming weeks.

The recommendations we've included aren't easy fixes, but all point to significant grantmaking resources on the AIGM site. Appropriately, other topics in this edition further explore issues raised in that "to do" list. Each extend the "hot spot" discussions at our Grantmaking in Australia conference in March. And, of course, draw on the expertise of leading grantmakers.

Topics in this edition also cover:

We hope you enjoy this edition, and find some solutions to make your work easier, more productive and with greater impact.

Feel free to alert us to pressing issues that you feel we should cover in a future edition, and we urge you to scan past editions here for more knowledge.

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