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A taste of our quarterly grants newsletter

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As a grantmaker, you wield great power: the power to craft social change by re-distributing resources to make it happen.

But amid the challenge of designing and managing grant programs, and helping assess a vast number of applications and acquittals, all the while navigating tricky politics, technology and finances, it can be easy to forget why you took on this gig.

At the Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM), we're dedicated to making your job easier and more effective by bringing you specialist knowledge from the field – and helping to prevent that blank look.

Our Community's executive director and self-confessed “grants nerd”, Kathy Richardson, opens this edition with an exploration of trending topics in grantmaking, from “micro focus” grants to charting professional failures. Her report sets the tone for an edition packed with useful content, all to enable you to:

  • discover the biggest buzzwords of the year from “philanthropy wonk” Lucy Bernholz and consider what your superpower really is
    • find out how to avoid sapping the resources of your recipients in the process of giving them money
    • take a grants health check
    • weigh up the value of social impact bonds
    • understand how machine learning could speed your processes
    • learn what to do when stakeholders are doing your head in
    • find out why grantmakers must become expert in impact and outcomes measurement.

And that's just the start. Tap into our knowledge base any time – our library of back issues and the latest tools, resources and grantmaking news – by visiting exploring this website.

The quarterly publication is just one of the benefits of membership of the Australian Institute of Grants Management. Learn more about Grants Management Intelligence and become a member here.

An extract from the latest edition

Are social impact bonds still the grants of the future?

Social impact bonds are a way of getting private investors to fund for-purpose programs, with their ethically-minded investing repaid if sought-after outcomes are achieved.

Funders faster to reply to applications

Federal agencies have made big strides in reducing decision times for grant applications, as grantmakers show a promising downward trend, SmartyGrants stats show.

Don't sap the life out of the organisations you're trying to help

"It's time to clear the air and be honest about how much time, energy, and resources these systems are sapping from non-profit organisations - and how simpler, more efficient systems would achieve all the same information objectives and dramatically increase their utility."

Assess yourself: Time for a grants health check?

The Australian Institute of Grants Management is keen to help you get the most out of your grants program. That's why we've developed a Grants Health Check.