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Latest Grants Management Intelligence, out now

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As we wind up an eventful year for grantmakers in Australia and New Zealand, we think it's the perfect time to look ahead, with an examination of the strengths and weaknesses of AI-assisted grants and other ways to do better in the latest edition, Also inside:

  • Conference preview: 2020 event to target grants profession 
  • SmartyGrants rewind: A decade of developments
  • Capacity building: Fund’s $350,000 to help not-for-profits
  • Audit criticism: Regional jobs grants below standard
  • Philanthropic impact: Foundation fund targets big issues
  • Personal impact: Inclusion the key to connecting
  • Award winners: We profile social impact superstars
  • DSS focus: Department chief reveals impact strategy
  • Landmark address: Ex-PM urges fresh ‘customer’ focus

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The editor, Matthew Schulz

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An extract from the latest edition

Latest Grants Management Intelligence, out now

In the latest edition we examine the strengths and weaknesses of AI-assisted grants and many more ways to do better.

What makes a good grantmaker?

What can you learn from the 2019 Grantmaker of the Year winners?

Grant partnerships will avoid the pain

Port Phillip Community Group executive officer Karen Sait has sat on both sides of the table when it comes to grants, so she understands what it takes for funders to make things easier for recipients. The simple answer? Good partnerships.

Not evaluating your grants? It'll cost you

The Ian Potter Foundation is building a strong reputation for its laser-like focus on evaluation and its benefits, and leading the charge is Dr Squirrel Main.