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Great grantmaker team's future focus

Australia's best grantmakers aren't short of ideas for providing funding more effectively, with the NSW Heritage Grants Team proposing several to make things easier for grantseekers.

These ideas saw the four-member team jointly secure the Australian Institute of Grants Management's hotly contested Grantmaker of the Year prize.

Yet the team told the judges that they'd spent a long time selecting only their best ideas from many others.

The Heritage Grants Team group said the award process had helped them to examine grants from an applicant's perspective.

The ideas they included in their application were:

  • a grantmaker-grantseeker portal
  • a planning platform for prospective applicants
  • a "champion team" to support grantseekers.

Time for a grantmaker portal

The team suggests that a grantmaker-grantseeker portal could be incorporated into a grants management platform, such as SmartyGrants, operated by the Australian Institute of Grants Management.

The concept would see grantmakers and grantseekers connect, share documents, issue alerts, disseminate good news stories and lessons learnt, and issue hints and tips.

Important information would be uploaded to the system and be available any time via a dashboard. It would host documents such as:

  • sample funding agreements
  • photo monitoring templates
  • key performance indicator (KPI) templates
  • information on monitoring and evaluation
  • statutory declarations
  • photo release forms.

The heritage team said the tool could save time by eliminating the need for mailouts and keeping information in a single place.

Jessica Rutherford, the director of SmartyGrants delivery, confirmed that SmartyGrants is looking closely at the team's ideas, particularly any that could be incorporated into existing upgrade plans.

"We're always working on improvements, including better accessibility and file management for both grantmakers and grantseekers. These suggestions are definitely on our radar."

Planning platform a foundation for better grants

The NSW Heritage Grants Team also believes there's room for a "planning platform" for grantseekers. Again, the platform could be hosted by SmartyGrants, or another grants management tool.

The platform would be a place for grantees to plan ideas before a round opens, with templates, guides and checklists available to help grantseekers develop a project before applying, and to refine plans - during the application process - to better meet guidelines.

Grantmaker Team

Members of the NSW Heritage Grants Team L-R Nicole Guyatt, Rosanna Luca, Rukmani Balram and Jan Nye.

This is a shortened version of an article that appears in Grants Management Intelligence.
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