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Grants Management Intelligence, edition archive (for members only)

This section of the AIGM site provides links to current and past editions of Grants Management Intelligence - the AIGM's member publication.

Grants in Australia 2018: The secrets of success

Ask anyone involved in Australia’s massive grants industry what they’d most like to know, and grantseekers and grantmakers alike will ask: “Who is winning all the grants, and why?”

About the Grants in Australia research study

This section of the AIGM site provides links to all of our Grants in Australia Surveys - the largest survey of Australian community organisations and not-for-profits for their views on grants and grantmakers.

Grants in Australia 2017: Report, Resources and Takeaways

Benchmark your organisation's grantseeking performance against those of nearly 1300 groups across Australia, with this comparison tool

100 TIMES THE IMPACT: Impact100 Turning Heads

In 2013, Grants Management Quarterly examined the growing trend of Giving Circles and Impact100 groups - a trend that has continued to bloom in the years since.

GRANTMAKING LAB REPORT: Grants System Procurement - Myths and Solutions

Thinking of changing or upgrading your grants management system? STOP! Reading this report could save you lots of heartache, and your organisation piles of cash.

GRANTMAKING LAB REPORT: Grantmaking and Communications - Risks and Rewards

This report outlines the risks of not doing communications well and the rewards if you get it right, provides information about eight things you need to do NOW, and lists 50 actions every grantmaking organisation can do to master this field.

How to give grantseekers the tools to help you

AN expert in not-for-profit technology needs says one of the best things funders can do to help grant recipients, and themselves, is to buy better software to help them better monitor outcomes.

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