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Councils leading the way in open data

Four local councils around Australia have been working with SmartyGrants to open up their grants data. Open data is public and can be freely used, re-used and redistributed.

The project will provide a source of data for grantseekers to be able to search, browse and learn from, bringing greater transparency and accessibility to the Australian grants space.

Grantmakers who already publish grants information to their websites may be able to leverage the open data feed to publish information automatically, leading to operational efficiencies.

New functionality is being built in small increments, guided by what the councils are hoping to share and what controls they need.

Sharing can be controlled for each program and stage in SmartyGrants. At the moment it is possible to share information about the grantmaker, program and round name, and recipient organisations (name and ABN) for approved grants. Additional features are coming soon, including optional fields for project name and description, and the amount awarded.

As a result of the pilot, SmartyGrants hope to be able to put together information, links and resources for grantmakers to help provide some practical guidance around opening up their data.

If you're interested in learning more about the open data pilot project, please contact SmartyGrants at


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