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Why it's time for grantmakers to lead the pack when it comes to evaluation

There's no doubt that the Grantmaking in Australia conference is the most anticipated date on the calendar for Australian and New Zealand funders looking to learn and reconnect with their tribe.

And grantmakers shouldn't miss this year's program, with the nation's leading evaluators here to help you turn funds into social change.

Key speakers include:

  • Andrew Callaghan, Impact Specialist at the Australian Social Value Bank, on how grantmakers can prepare themselves to lead when it comes to understanding impact, achieving measurable results, and doing so ethically.
  • Dr Squirrel Main, Research and Evaluation Manager from the Ian Potter Foundation, someone who has read thousands of acquittal budgets and developed a knowledge base of best practice. Dr Main will explore tackling poor evaluation results, budgeting for evaluation and the costs of not funding evaluation.
  • Jodi Kennedy, General Manager of Charitable Trusts & Philanthropy at Equity Trustees, one of the biggest distributors of philanthropic funds in Australia, in conversation with Ross Wyatt, Founder of Think Impact.
  • Dr Robyn Mildon, Executive Director, Centre for Evidence and Implementation, who will look at how you can use the data you're collecting to properly inform your funding.

Conference Speakers Conference speakers Andrew Callaghan, Jodi Kennedy, Robyn Mildon and Squirrel Main are here to help you evaluate better.

The conference also features a grantee panel that includes Jocelyn Bignold of McAuley Community Services for Women; Cameron McLeod of the North Melbourne Football Club; and Karen Sait of the Port Phillip Community Group. They'll show you how to avoid the grantmaking failures they've witnessed.

Our Community's own experts include Sarah Barker, Director of Data Intelligence, on what Our Community has learnt about data and tech while working with not-for-profits and the organisations funding them, as well as our push to make technology work even harder for you.

Jodie Shanks and Georgie Bailey, leaders in the SmartyGrants team, will lead a two-hour session on optimising your SmartyGrants settings.

Of course, the event wouldn't be the same without the "tribal gatherings" that bring together seven leading grants practitioners from local, state and federal governments to tell war stories and offer solutions. From the colourful Mayor Dick Gross from the City of Port Phillip, to Leah Andrews from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, you won't want to be on the outer for these.

Another highlight will be the announcement of the 2019 Grantmaker of the Year, who will take away a $5000 prize and, more importantly, the recognition of his or her peers.

All that will be followed by drinks and networking with like-minded people who really do understand you.

With 21 speakers, a compelling program that draws on the latest trends in the sector, insights from funders and a once-a-year chance to catch up with other grantmakers, this is an event you can't afford to miss.

Join us on August 8 and 9 at the RACV Club in Melbourne.


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